About MPanel

MPanel is a simple project made by Max Korlaar, and it's meant to be very customizable. But not via some settings panel, no, if you want to customize your MPanel, you'll have to do some of it yourself. Using your CSS and HTML knowledge you can change enough to make your site look unique. And, if you're good with PHP and Javascript, you can change much more! MPanel has changed significantly since its first release and is now a fully fledged CMS, configurable in many ways and also extensible. The CMS has proven itself to be useable for even the non-internetter alike!

For more information about Max Korlaar, please visit his website. A quick Google search will do. You can also find him on Twitter, @MaxKorlaar.

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Third-party software licenses

MPanel uses third-party software to enhance its overall user experience. To view the license for these products, please view the software's source code.