Max Korlaar

Welcome to my website. I am a web application developer based in The Netherlands. Various projects of mine are already available online, and can be visited freely. When working on projects I am often responsible for both the front- and backend of such a project.

The internet is constantly changing with increasing demand for new products and websites. Using the programming languages PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS I create dynamic and interactive websites and web applications. When developing new products I strive to use modern technologies and to improve my own skillset by learning new things. I prefer to use my own products as alternatives and I am keen on implementing the smallest of details into products.

As I am still in school, I am not available or interested in working for companies that contact me. At Microsoft Netherlands I have managed to get hold of an unofficial internship, so I am able to get work experience and solve real-world problems for other companies while having sufficient guidance.

For more projects, have a look at my portfolio

One of my most recent projects at Microsoft was integrating the Mollie API in an pre-existing environment. A Dutch nonprofit wanted to accept payments using the Dutch payment provider iDeal (supported by all large Dutch banks) but their existing solution, a WordPress plugin for accepting form submissions, did not have built-in support for that. Since the nonprofit already had experience using Mollie, a Dutch payment provider, the request was to build support for Mollie into the WordPress plugin. The end result is that the nonprofit can now accept payments using Mollie while using a familiar system. They only have to enable Mollie as a payment provider in the plugin settings to do so.


In 2015 I discovered that the website, owned by Curse, Inc., had been struck by a security vulnerability. I have written a detailed blog post about it, which has received widespread attention.