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Welcome to my personal website. This is my blog. I post updates and news related to my products and services here, but also some background information on them and how they work. Sometimes I like to express my thoughts here as well.
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New SkyWars signatures

0 17/08/2015 15:05 CEST

Hello site visitors and SkyWars players!

I have just released the SkyWars signature to the public. I've added 2 versions:
  • A normal one (general statistics)
  • An animated one containing statistics specific for each mode
Here they are:
Please note that the GIF version its quality is worse since GIFs only support a limited palette of colors, causing it to look a bit less nice.

I am currently planning on adding a smaller version of the SkyWars signature too. It will approximately have the same dimensions as the main small one.


6 05/07/2015 00:00 CEST

Hello users of the Hypixel Dynamic Signatures!

I am writing this blog post to make sure you all are aware that I am working on a new signature for Skywars, and also fixing some other small bugs. These features will be available soon, as I am not able to give an exact date yet. I am currently fairly busy with preparing for an exam.

Thanks for reading.

Custom backgrounds on the Dynamic Do It Yourself Signatures

0 27/06/2015 00:00 CEST

Still busy with lots of things, I managed to prepare a very interesting new feature for the signatures: custom backgrounds!

Although I don't offer any myself, you can still have an awesome background on your signature. Wondering how? It's simple! You can upload your own images from now on! Isn't that amazing? I've added support for PNG and JPEG images for now. An algorithm determines the best text color to apply in combination with your background, so the text might be white instead of black: