Projects I've made, or which I have contributed to, are listed below in no specific order.


MPanel is my own CMS, which powers my site and some others. It's still in a betaphase though, and it can contain some errors. It's simple and easy to use and has many built-in functions like a microblogging system, support for comments on posts, built-in contact forms, templates, extensions possible through plugins, and more.

You can find MPanel at this exact website, but also on some other websites that I manage.


TreinTijdjes (Train times) is a simple watchapp I have developed for the Pebble smartwatch, to both extend my skills with Pebble.JS and the usage of the NS-API. The NS-API is an api from the Dutch Railroads that allows me to retrieve train departures and info about train stations. With this app I can choose a station, and it will show me the departure times for trains in that station.

The TreinTijdjes app is currently available in the Pebble App store. It can be downloaded here.


PebbleSOM is an application for the Pebble smartwatch, allowing the user to see their homework for the next two weeks. The app makes uses of the SOMtoday API to request this data. The user can also see tests and other important assignments, and even mark their homework as done. The app is currently not available and only works with Dutch schools who are using SOMtoday.

Hypixel-gameserver related services

Hypixel is a popular multiplayer server for the computergame Minecraft. Since they have released an API it is possible for developers to retrieve statistics about players on the server. I have created a website for that and people are able to get their stats to be displayed on an image, that will update its statistics around every 10 minutes. Visitors can enter their username and choose from a wide range of images to display, and the images have been getting a lot of popularity on the Hypixel forums lately. They are called the 'Hypixel Dynamic Signatures', as many people choose to use them in their forum signatures, and as the signatures were intended for that.

You can find the images at the website that I have set up for them, hypixel.maxkorlaar.com.


Using the well-known PHP framework Laravel I've built an open source web application allowing the user to store and share images on their own website, with built-in compatability for the Windows application ShareX and other applications. A few important features are a personal gallery, the automatic deletion of images and the usage of custom domain names owned by the user.
Pxl is freely available for download. For more information, visit pxl.maxkorlaar.com.

FadeCloud's webstore redesign

FadeCloud is a gameserver for the game Minecraft. I have redesigned their website to the likings of the client. The website has been redone almost completely: I've changed the theme and both the layout of the store as how the client wanted it to look like. The result: A fresh new webstore with positive comments from the client and their customers alike, which can be found at store.fadecloud.com.

Online leaderboards for The Enchanted Isle

The Enchanted Isle reached out to me because they wanted to display their minigame leaderboards and player statistics on their website. Based on a mockup design they have made in Photoshop I designed the webpages and refined them till the webpages matched these mockups. After that, I developed a system in PHP which requests the data from a JSON-REST API and stores it in a local cache to improve loading speed and overall experience. The end result is a fully working website fine-tuned to the customer's wishes. The website visitors may now easily find their statistics and see who's on top of the leaderboards.

Website of 'De Gare Gabbers'

'De Gare Gabbers' is the name of our local gaming group that I'm part of. To improve my skills in HTML and CSS I am always looking for new challenges. A friend of mine still owned this domain, so I decided to build a simple site for it with a gaming-like theme.
Note: The website is completely in Dutch.


I have created multiple small and larger projects using the HTML, CSS, Javascript but also the Java, .NET and C# programming languages. I am currently still learning to code with Java and C# as I am not very experienced with them.

Every screenshot I take, or friends of mine take, is automatically uploaded to a dedicated website that I have set up for storing screenshots. To save space on my hard disk, all screenshots taken will be deleted automatically 3 days from when they have been uploaded. This behavior is of course tweakable to one's own needs.

You can also find me on Github, where I contribute to open-source projects.