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Please read the whole post before using this.
Hello there, as Fruitninja567 has told me earlier, and as I've seen, other tools like Plancke's website have options to hide your stats if you verify yourself. I've been contacted myself by someone, who'd like to have this option also available for our generator.
This is completely understandable, and we are happy to receive feedback on this.
We will be working on this, but for now we'll have to brainstorm over how we are going to store the data.

For now, please give us feedback. You can let us know what you think via the comments, or if it's urgent, you can also let us know via the comments and we will try to remove your data as quick as possible. Please also mention if it's for the stats or also the in-game stats, or friendlist. When this is finished, you will be able to block and unblock all services for your username at once.
Edit: It's now available, in beta: http://hypixel.maxkorlaar.com/status-sig/block/.

When it's working correctly, you should see an error when trying to generate a signature. It can take up to 10 minutes for your normal statistics to expire. When you want to unhide your stats, it can take up to 4 hours to expire your 'nulled' statistics.

Be aware that if you want us to hide your statistics, we need to be able to verify your identity, meaning you will need to supply us with your API key, using a form soon to be available. There will probably be an (optional) option to help us, meaning that your API key /may/ be used for backup purposes, like whenever we run out of API requests from our primary key. You can get your API key on the Hypixel network by typing /API. Your API Key will show up in chat.

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