Dynamic Do It Yourself Signatures - A quick update

Hello again!

I have made a quick to-do list for the DDIYS, check it out below!

  • Custom fonts (They do work, but there's not an option yet in our GUI. You can view our unfinished docs at our Github)
  • Custom font size probably
  • Ability to show guild name and tag
  • Game statistics of course
  • Force the use of UUID. Too many people are still using usernames for their signatures. While this does indeed cause some more delay in getting it, it doesn't bother too many people or they simply don't care about their signature. Sometimes, they change their name and their signature just breaks. If we only allow people on using their UUID, that problem won't occur. (Yes, there will be a tool to get your UUID from your username. You can get it already on the normal generator page)
  • Drag 'n drop GUI on our website
  • Your skin's head
  • Your full skin
  • The above two options in 3d
  • Support for custom backgrounds that you can upload yourself! (Inspired by @DeprecatedNether's creations)
  • A random message *Not configurable*
  • A warning indicator that shows itself when the statistics are outdated.
Here is a sneak peak for our online GUI (Not bug free!):
For our general to-do list, see the post following this one.

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    2015-06-10 12:15:33

    Yo, ey ik heb een vraagje, hoe snel updaten de banners?
    Want ik wil op mijn stream een stats scene maken, met daarin al mijn stats, dus dat moet wel een beetje realtime zijn.
    Thanks man!

    Vette website!

    ~ ExternalIQ

  • Commenter's avatar

    Max Korlaar

    2015-06-10 12:35:01

    Hallo ExternallQ,
    De banners updaten normaliter elke 10 minuten, met uitzondering van de online-status banners, deze verversen elke 5 minuten.
    Als je nog vragen hebt, moet je het maar even zeggen!
    Bedankt voor het compliment!

    ~ Max Korlaar