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Hello everyone!

I'm sure you've already noticed that there is a new game made available for us all to play on Hypixel, and I am of course talking about Turbo Kart Racers. This amazing game may remind you of the time you used to play Mario Kart on your DS (lite), you know, when it was cool.
Anyways I'm sure some of you are interested in showing off your amazing driving skills on the forums, which would of course be possible with a signature on the forums. What a coincidence, I was just planning on creating one.
Then why isn't it here already? I am currently not able to process some statistics yet, and I'd like to use these statistics to show your parts and their names. Edit: Issue is resolved.
Other statistics such as wins and total laps are available, but I can't finish the signature just yet.
Preview (this is not the final version):
It's now available! Hurry up and get it now!
I'm also fairly busy with school (exams and other big projects), so that's why it takes so much time to release new stuff, and why there isn't much new about the dynamic do it yourself signatures. Stay tuned though, we won't disband the project. If you have any suggestions or would like to see specific things on our to-do list have a higher priority (maybe you'd love to have that Blitz signature), then please leave your thoughts below using the comment form. In that way, I can review your feedback and I'll make sure to do something with it. Stay hyped!

Thanks for reading!
- Max

Image courtesy of Hypixel

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