MPanel: Things planned for my own CMS

As you might already realise, the website that you're reading this post on right now runs MPanel. MPanel is my own CMS which I have created as an alternative to WordPress. I don't think that WordPress is bad, in fact I have worked with it before and created simple plugins for a client, but I do not think that it fits my needs. I want to be able to tweak the core of the product and still have it function after updating the software to a newer version, and have the ability to put my name on it.

I started working on MPanel a few years ago. Since then it has grown out to be one of my biggest projects to date - Even is based on a slightly older version of MPanel which I have further built upon. Over the course of these years I have added support for blog posts, plugins and templates. Still, the CMS uses the same design as where it started with: Bootstrap. And with design, I am mostly talking about the layout of my website. I have decided to change that, and will, very much like WordPress and other CMSes available online, seperate the administration of MPanel from the actual website accessible by visitors. This will allow for more templates to be implemented and complete overhauls of the CMS.

A few issues and other annoyances are also going to be resolved:
  • Ability to choose a new password immediately when resetting it, instead of getting a temporary one.
  • Changes to images in the post editor.

2016-08-21 12:55