☕️ List of Digital Nomad Cafes in Lisbon –
2022-01-21 17:48

As I'm currently working remotely from Lisbon, I wanted to know where I could work with my laptop and not pay (a lot) of money for it – except for a nice cup of coffee or a bowl of yogurt. I couldn't find an easy and up-to-date list of cafes in Lisbon that allow remote workers/laptops so I created my own with crowdsourced data from other digital nomads in Lisbon: List of Digital Nomad Ca
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Beveiligingslek in website Nederlandse elektronicawinkel
2020-08-27 14:30

Tijdlijn:12 augustus 2020: Probleem ontdekt en eerste poging tot contact per telefoon. De verantwoordelijke contactpersoon is niet aanwezig, mijn contactgegevens worden voor hem achtergelaten. De impact is mij onbekend, ik heb niet onderzocht wat voor mogelijkheden dit lek biedt. Dit is juridisch gezien waarschijnlijk niet de bedoeling, tevens vind ik het onethisch.13 augustus 2020: Tweede poging
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Year in Review:
2017-12-4 21:52

I've been wanting to do this for quite some time now, and it's finally time for the Year in Review of.. my own site!It's understandable that my visitors want some insight in what's been going on behind the scenes as well and I'd be glad to share some interesting statistics with you. My website now has an average of 2300 visitors per week!According to Cloudflare, I've
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Introducing Pxl Open Source, your own custom image storage site
2017-04-4 20:43

As some of you might have already noticed, I have open sourced a project on GitHub named 'Pxl', named after the original closed-source image hosting site which was known for its no-hassle custom branding and sharing customization. After was shut down, I decided to develop a complete rewrite of the original concept and open source it so that everyone can set up thei
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Use your Raspberry Pi and an (old) monitor to create a smart wall clock
2017-01-17 16:15

If you happen to have a spare Raspberry Pi lying around, you might know that they're quite fun to tinker with.I wanted to create a smart wall clock powered by my Raspberry Pi using PHP and HTML for the logic and the interface. As an extra challenge, I only wanted the monitor to be powered on when my Raspberry Pi senses motion using a USB Logitech webcam! It's really easy to set
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About advertisements
2017-01-5 20:00

Unfortunately, nothing is really free* in this world, including this website, and my other websites.Currently, I pay for the domains (+anonymous registration) and hosting out of my own pocket, in addition to some small but generous donations that I receive by people who would like to contribute a few pennies to my Hypixel-subdomain. Now, don't think that I am desperate for some extra cash (Wi
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Niet goed? Geld terug
2016-11-2 16:01

Om voor de verandering eens een blog-bericht in het Nederlands te publiceren zal ik mijn ervaringen met, de bekende Nederlandse webshop, eens uitzetten.Vaak zijn producten zoals elektronica goedkoper te vinden op bol dan bij andere winkels, en zeker de gratis bezorging bij bestellingen boven de 20 euro help daarbij. Daarom kocht ik mijn headset, de Turtlebeach P11, dan ook bij Bol. Deze he
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MPanel: Things planned for my own CMS
2016-08-21 12:55

As you might already realise, the website that you're reading this post on right now runs MPanel. MPanel is my own CMS which I have created as an alternative to WordPress. I don't think that WordPress is bad, in fact I have worked with it before and created simple plugins for a client, but I do not think that it fits my needs. I want to be able to tweak the core of the product and still
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Your screenshots in the cloud with Pxl and let's talk about exams as well
2016-04-25 23:40 has been through a lot lately. Thanks to Paul (Amico) it has been able to grow and be developed even more actively. The service has been tested on different platforms and even different machines[citation needed]. After comparing some of our options, both financially and performance-wise, we decided to go for a completely scalable solution: in the cloud. We store all of our i
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Introducing the Hypixel Tools control panel
2015-12-15 16:40

Note: This blog post was made for my subdomain made for the Hypixel game server – I've got a few tools on that site used by quite some people.Hello reader,As you may have noticed lately, I have added a new section to my site, the control panel!This section is accessible exclusively for both Hypixel staff members and supporters of my website! If you are a staff member or supporter, th
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