The good and the b-ads

Unfortunately, nothing is really free* in this world, including this website, and my slightly more popular subdomain.
Currently, I pay for the domain (+WHOISGUARD) and hosting out of my own pocket, in addition to some small but generous donations that I receive by people who would like to contribute a few pennies to my Hypixel-subdomain. Now, don't think that I am desperate for some extra cash (With a small job / web development task I can easily afford one year of all hosting costs), but I would appreciate it that the services could 'pay for themselves' – For which ads seem the perfect solution. It'd be kind of (in my honest opinion) a waste to spend most of my earned cash back in this website and everything that comes with it. Note that I'll also begin studying near the end of the year so that means I'll need even more of my money (and the government's) to spend on important things such as my tuition fees.

Now, don't take me wrong – I too think that advertisements are frankly annoying or outright messed up sometimes (things like forced redirects and popups). Luckily, nowadays these things are not so common and especially at big networks such as Google's own one these things are not even allowed or can be disabled. I don't doubt that if at some point I manage to get advertisements on my website, they don't pay back for the whole site for a year, but I don't see that as a problem. Just like now, I'll continue to pay for the rest out of my own pocket. Also, regarding placement of these ads, I would most likely place a banner ad near the bottom of the page or somewhere where it wouldn't get in the way of the main content, especially on mobile devices.

You should know that not only do I keep track of visitor statistics (as can be read about in my privacy statements and various posts), I have recently started tracking how many people use Adblock, or at least a rough estimate. I can't share anything yet, since I do have not gathered enough information at this moment! I won't do anything else with that information besides use it for analytical purposes (as I use my analytics software to keep track of it). I would also like to know your opinions on advertisements. You could leave a comment down below, but the easiest way for both of us to see what the you think is setting up a simple poll, which I have included down below. Feel free to answer the poll!

Thanks for reading.
* Most materialistic things aren't

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    2017-01-06 05:13:43

    Hey, I'm perfectly fine with ad's anywhere on almost any site, as long as they aren't ones that constantly appear full image 720p full screen and darken the entire page out until you click that tiny X located somewhere on the image which sometimes is a false one and is merely part of the ad. :P

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    Max Korlaar

    2017-01-06 13:18:46

    Thanks, Asolem! Those kind of ads are utter garbage and I won't add them to my site, ever.