Screenscaling: Extending ScreenShare to the public

Some already have heard about ScreenShare, my private solution for uploading and sharing screenshots and other images using the web and the Windows application ShareX. For the others who haven't yet, by using a self-built and self-hosted solution it gives me more control over both the images and features that it offers.

For example, I made my own interface and the option to automatically delete certain screenshots after a set interval. The default for this is a week, but you can change the default self-destruct time for all images or even per image.

When moving this service to its own server and domain, there are several interesting things that can be made possible:
  • Custom domains, meaning that users will be able to link their own domain to screenshare, making it easier to have your own branding on a managed screenshot upload site
  • Shorter and more customizable self-destruct times: When the service is to be run on its own dedicated server, there is a minimal load for other things (like my whole site for example), making it less performance-costly to make it possible to delete images more frequently. For now, the minimum is 10 minutes. This could be lowered to 1 minute.
  • Support for more than just PNGs and GIFs. With its own server, it will have more bandwidth, more disk space and a better network connection to deal with the uploads. This could result in faster upload speeds, support for larger GIFs and even sharing files with the same features as currently being offered for images (eg. self-destruct)
This is still a concept, and for now ScreenShare will remain fully operational as a private service. People who have contributed to me and my website will be able to get early access to this dedicated service, whenever it will be up.

We haven't thought of a name for the service yet, which is also one of the things stopping us from releasing an early, unstable alpha version of the service. If you can think of a good name for the service (and one that is not taken yet as a domain name ending on something general like .com, .net, .io etc.), feel free to leave a comment down below. If it's sufficient, we'll be sure to get in touch with you if you're interested in beta testing the service.

We're not directly planning to become an imgur concurrent - That's nearly impossible. That's why we're focusing on unique features, making the product interesting for people who care about their own branding or ease of management in our own interface.
We'll keep you updated!

Update: I have created Pxl, an open source alternative to ScreenShare. It's much more reliable, so give it a try!

2015-12-5 22:00