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Welcome to my personal website. This is my blog. I post updates and news related to my products and services here, but also some background information on them and how they work. Sometimes I like to express my thoughts here as well.
All posts are tagged accordingly to the service or product they are related to. For example, the tag 'Hypixel' is related to the website.

Introducing Pxl Open Source, your own custom image storage site

0 04/04/2017 20:43 CEST

As some of you might have already noticed, I have open sourced a project on GitHub named 'Pxl', named after the original closed-source image hosting site which was known for its no-hassle custom branding and sharing customization. After was shut down, I decided to develop a complete rewrite of the original concept and open source it so that everyone can set up their own instance and enjoy the features of Pxl that they loved before, like the automatic deletion of uploaded images after a custom time period.

Now quite a few weeks later I've managed to set aside some of my spare time ...

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Use your Raspberry Pi and an (old) monitor to create a smart wall clock

0 17/01/2017 16:15 CEST

If you happen to have a spare Raspberry Pi lying around, you might know that they're quite fun to tinker with.

I wanted to create a smart wall clock powered by my Raspberry Pi using PHP and HTML for the logic and the interface. As an extra challenge, I only wanted the monitor to be powered on when my Raspberry Pi senses motion using a USB Logitech webcam!
 It's really easy to set up a PHP web server on the Raspberry Pi so I'm not going to explain that in this blog post, as there are lots of tutorials for it.

Using PHP and HTML I created a webpage that automatically requested my upcoming homework...

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The good and the b-ads

2 05/01/2017 20:00 CEST
Unfortunately, nothing is really free* in this world, including this website, and my slightly more popular subdomain.
Currently, I pay for the domain (+WHOISGUARD) and hosting out of my own pocket, in addition to some small but generous donations that I receive by people who would like to contribute a few pennies to my Hypixel-subdomain. Now, don't think that I am desperate for some extra cash (With a small job / web development task I can easily afford one year of all hosting costs), but I would appreciate it that the services could 'pay for themselves' – For which ads...

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Year in Review:

0 31/12/2016 14:51 CEST

I've been wanting to do this for quite some time now, and it's finally time for the Year in Review of.. my own site!

It's understandable that my visitors want some insight in what's been going on behind the scenes as well and I'd be glad to share some interesting statistics with you. My website now has an average of 2300 visitors per week!
According to Cloudflare, I've been getting millions of requests every month. Unfortunately I cannot look back further than one month, but here's how it went down in December:
That's quite a lot! 


I use the open source analytics software Piwik to keep tr...

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Niet goed? Geld terug

0 02/11/2016 16:01 CEST
Om voor de verandering eens een blog-bericht in het Nederlands te publiceren zal ik mijn ervaringen met, de bekende Nederlandse webshop, eens uitzetten.

Vaak zijn producten zoals elektronica goedkoper te vinden op bol dan bij andere winkels, en zeker de gratis bezorging bij bestellingen boven de 20 euro help daarbij. Daarom kocht ik mijn headset, de Turtlebeach P11, dan ook bij Bol. Deze headset was scherp geprijsd en ik was er ook zeer tevreden mee, tot op een zeker moment.

Na een periode van een aantal maanden begonnen mijn vrienden mij te melden dat ik onverstaanbaar was en mijn gelui...

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MPanel: Things planned for my own CMS

0 21/08/2016 12:55 CEST
Generic stock photo of some HTML which everyone uses anyway
As you might already realise, the website that you're reading this post on right now runs MPanel. MPanel is my own CMS which I have created as an alternative to WordPress. I don't think that WordPress is bad, in fact I have worked with it before and created simple plugins for a client, but I do not think that it fits my needs. I want to be able to tweak the core of the product and still have it function after updating the software to a newer version, and have the ability to put my name on it.

I started working on MPanel a few years ago....

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Your screenshots in the cloud with Pxl and let's talk about exams as well Cloud School
0 25/04/2016 23:40 CEST has been through a lot lately. Thanks to Paul (Amico) it has been able to grow and be developed even more actively. The service has been tested on different platforms and even different machines[citation needed]. After comparing some of our options, both financially and performance-wise, we decided to go for a completely scalable solution: in the cloud. We store all of our images on Amazon’s widely used S3 storage, where it’s way cheaper for us to store all of the images compared to having a separate machine running for it. Using VPSes we can easily deploy we provide the webs...

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When Buckets Leak: Forum Vulnerability

Bukkit Curse Security
1 07/12/2015 17:49 CEST
  • Update #1: I've been in touch with Curse on their #Bukkit IRC and the right people have been working on this issue - As far as I have heard, an announcement will be posted soon :-)
  • Update #2: Curse has taken actions and has written an official statement. I'd like to thank Kaelten for his cooperation and for understanding the issue and understanding why I had posted this blog post.
Hello everyone,
Today's blog post is a little bit more serious. I didn't think I would release all of this information, but unfortunately I feel a certain urge to do so. It feels like my responsibility to release all...

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Screenscaling: Extending ScreenShare to the public

3 05/12/2015 22:00 CEST
Some already have heard about ScreenShare, my private solution for uploading and sharing screenshots and other images using the web and the Windows application ShareX. For the others who haven't yet, by using a self-built and self-hosted solution it gives me more control over both the images and features that it offers.
For example, I made my own interface and the option to automatically delete certain screenshots after a set interval. The default for this is a week, but you can change the default self-destruct time for all images or even per image.
When moving this service to its own server and...

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Introducing the control panel: A supporters and Hypixel staff members only area

3 15/10/2015 16:40 CEST
Hello reader,
As you may have noticed lately, I have added a new section to my site, the control panel!
This section is accessible exclusively for both Hypixel staff members and supporters of my website! If you are a staff member or supporter, then you can register your account here. Be sure to write your API key down somewhere, as you will need it in the progress of registering - Anyone could enter your UUID, but not your API key. It's a simple form of verification :)
I currently offer the following two options:
  • Reset cached skins
  • Shield customization
  • If applicable, access to new websites or servic...

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